A seismometer is a device for measuring the movement of the earth. It consists of a ground motion detection sensor coupled with a recording system.

The Cpz 90 is a short period horizontal seismometer

"Short period" Seismometers (less than 2 seconds) are mainly used to study the volume waves (compression waves or P waves, shear waves or S waves) and the nearby and regional seismicity.

Cpz 90 seismometers use a measuring system based on magnet and coil: a coil attached to the moving mass oscillates in a magnet fixed to the frame. This system allows the measurement of the speed of ground motion for frequencies above the resonant frequency of the device.



The CPZ 90 is a seismometer designed for implantation in dry-well.

Horizontal seismometer, it shows similar performance to the ZM500, in a more compact and lightweight version.

Product sold under licence of  CEA


Physical characteristics

∅ 150 mm / H 320 mm / Weight 5.7 kg
-20° to +60°
Natural frequency f0 = 1 Hz, adjustable from 0.6 to 1.4 Hz
Mechanical damping < 0.01 for f0 = 1 Hz
10 Hz noise level at input: 30 pm.s-1 / √Hz


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