LPZA is a long-period vertical seismometers that measure ground motion from 1 to several hundred seconds, up to continuous waves. These seismometers are used to study seismic surface and body waves as well as earth natural periods (53 minutes), and the Earth tides (12 hours).


Product sold under licence of  CEA

CP HM 500

Physical characteristics

400 mm x 210 mm, height 500 mm  / 25 Kg
10 ° to +40° C
Mechanical natural period T0 = 12 s
Mechanical damping < 0.05
Feed back actuator Magnet and coil
Calibration coil 220 Ω ± 40 Ω
ESTEREL unit Output type 2 outputs, Single ended / maximum level 24 Vpp. into 10 KΩ load / integrated circuit board available Speed or displacement configuration



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