The Mb3 D is the new microbarometer, succeeding to MB 2005, with remote calibration capability.

It is the only one in the market equipped with an internal digitizer.

With a very low instrumental noise, the microbarometre MB3 resolves the acoustic "Low Noise Model" (more than 10 db under the lower limit).

It is also the only one proposing a distant calibration

A software will allow to read data, to configure the sensor, and to take control remotely.




The only one infrasound sensor equipped with a digitizer

Detection of Very low frequency acoustic signals in a wide frequency range with excellent resolution and high dynamic, with remote calibration capability.

Developed by CEA and Prolann, The MB3 is the new generation of microbarometer, that succeed to MB2005, the market Leader, appreciated for its accuracy and reliability, and installed all over the world.

The MB3 D is a digital sensor integrating

  • a low noise and low consumption 24-bit digitizing board
  • a calibration board
  • a time tagging board whith PPS capability
  • with storage capacity of 1 GB


Product sold under licence of CEA 


Physical characteristics

Compact and lighter than the MB 2005 MB, The Digital MB3 is a concentrate of technology and performance:

∅ 110 mm / H 205 mm / Weight 3.4 kg
Bandwidth Pressure output: 0,01 - 28 Hz / Pressure derivative output: DC – 28 Hz
Self-Noise < 10 dB under the LNM (Low Noise Model)
Resolution 1,75 mPa RMS on [0,02 ; 4] Hz
Sensitivity Pressure output: 20mV/Pa / Pressure Derivative Output: 2mV/pa.s-1 / Calibration output: 6 V/Pa
Sampling rate 20, 50, 100 Hz / Sensitivity: 1,178 10-4 Pa/lsb or 1,178 10-5 Pa/s/lsb @ gain = 1
Distant calibration  Sine, pulse or MLS
Data storage 1 GB data recording (miniSEED)



Self noise

The MB3 is remarkable for an extremely low level of instrumental noise (<-80 dB.Pa / √ Hz @ 1 Hz) allowing the sensor to resolve more than 10 dB the Low Noise Model. This sensor has been designed especially to meet the requirements of infrasound stations of the IMS network (International Monitoring System) installed as part of the CTBT (Comprehensive nuclear Test Ban Treaty)..


Transfer function and sensitivity

The transfer function is an important parameter to ensure the results from the treatment of the acquired signals. The sensor is adjusted at factory to a value of sensitivity of 20 mV / Pa at 1 Hz



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