Seismo-Wave is a French provider, specialized in seismological and infrasound instrumentation.

Based in Brittany, it supplies all over the world, microbarometers (MB3) and seismic sensors, Software and accessories.

The scope of activity covers seismology, volcanology, climatology, natural transitory phenomena (such as tornadoes, volcanic explosions, earthquakes, bolides...), as well as artificial phenomena (such as nuclear explosions, wind turbine, quarry blasts...).

Two categories of products are provided:

The Microbarometers

Designed in collaboration with CEA, The microbarometer MB3 is the successor of MB2005 (that equips the major part of infrasound stations over the world). High-resolution sensor, with remote calibration capability, it detects infrasonic waves up to 40 Hz.

The seismic sensors

Reliable and robust sensors, seismometers CPZM500, CPHM500, CPZ90 are dedicated to recording seismic waves and vibrations in the band 0.1 Hz to 100 Hz.

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